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Exposition Exploration: Part 1?

Stacey Kite

I thought this was going to be a simple research and post project. Oops—wrong again.

First off, let me give you some background. I have had a problem with getting through transitions and summaries in my writing. Not every time. But when my writing snags it’s usually not on character actions, reactions, scene description, dialogue or the step-by-step illustration of a scene. It’s on the narrative asides, the summaries and the stuff between scenes. What I think of as the non-scene writing. Continue reading

Practical Prompt 9-13-17

Everyone has hopes and dreams when they are little. What were your characters’ biggest aspirations when they were younger?

Practical Prompt 8-23-17

Today we’ll continue looking into our characters’ pasts. Are your characters lying to themselves about something? If so, what are the lies? Are your characters afraid of other people learning about their pasts?

Practical Prompt 8-9-17

Over the next month we’re going to delve more into your characters’ backstories and the past events that shaped the characters’ motivations, personalities and sense of morality. The things that your characters experienced in their lives before your story begins will affect how they act throughout your story.

To start, ask yourself whether or not your characters like themselves. What happened in their pasts that led them dislike or like who they are now?

Practical Prompt 8-2-17

You finally have a moment to write, but what to do with your limited time? Here’s a practical prompt to kickstart the story you’re working on right now. The clock is ticking, people. Start writing.

If you’re struggling with a scene and writing in the third person, try writing from a first person perspective or vice versa. That change in perspective may be enough to get you going.