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Find Your People to Stay Positive, Keep Writing

Laura Ayo

If you’re like me, you’re seeking positivity anywhere you can find it these days. Thankfully, the writing community is one of the most encouraging support systems I’ve ever encountered, and they have not disappointed when it comes to offering humor, inspiration, reality checks and a much-needed distraction during the uncertainty accompanying a global pandemic. Continue reading

Write by Midnight Pep Talk 4-27-20

As we enter another month of social distancing  amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all made adjustments to how, when, where or even whether we’re writing. Perhaps you find yourselves with more time on your hands and you’ve been able to do more writing than ever before. Or, maybe your once free moments to work on your manuscript have been replaced with juggling work-from-home responsibilities while homeschooling your children. So how do you keep up a writing routine during such an uncertain time?

Our previous recommendations of how to track where you spend your time are worth revisiting as you figure out your new normal. Then, once you have a better idea of when you can carve out some time to write, you can set up a new schedule with goals that are realistic for your new circumstances. Keep in mind that even your best intentions will have to be flexible, but having a guide for how to manage your writing during this difficult time will help you stay the course.


Practical Prompt 4-20-20

Good writing draws us in through relatable, layered characters. Even when those characters are experiencing things we’ve never had to endure, we connect to them through shared emotions. In all likelihood, you’re encountering a variety of emotions as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. Whether you’re dealing with new feelings or stronger versions of familiar ones, it may be cathartic to journal about your inner thoughts and reflections. Then, when you find yourself writing about a character who is experiencing negative emotions like fear, anxiety or isolation, or positive ones like gratitude, solidarity or generosity, you can return to those journals for inspiration. Even if your characters aren’t facing the same situations that evoked the emotions within you, they can inform your writing as you infuse your characters with an authentic heart.


A Writing Strategy Inspired by Floodwaters and a Messy Office

Laura Ayo

Inevitably, my office becomes a dumping ground and storage room over the holidays. But as someone who has trouble being creative and productive in a disorganized space, knowing that Write by Midnight is coming up in February always motivates me to clean up the mess and return things to their proper places after the kids go back to school in January.

But not this year. Continue reading

Get Ready to Write – It’s Write by Midnight!

It’s Feb. 1 and that can only mean one thing – Write by Midnight! Every year, we invite all of you to spend the month of February working on your individual writing goals with the common goal of writing every day – by midnight. We’ll be posting and tweeting daily content to keep you motivated.
This year, we’re adding an extra element to keep it interesting. Play along with Write by Midnight Bingo. Each day, we’ll prompt you with a writing challenge tied to a square on the Bingo card. Click here for more information about how to play.
Each of the WriteOwls will also be tweeting their goals and progress throughout the duration of the write-a-thon. Please comment here or tweet #WriteByMidnight2020 and tag us @WriteOwls to share your accomplishments, as well.
By the end of the month, we hope you’ll have established some good habits to fuel your writing well beyond Feb. 29. So get to it. Enjoy the creative process. We can’t wait to see what you have to share with the world when you’re done.