Insomniacs Anonymous 4-22-19

Do you use writing exercises or questionnaires to help you flesh out your characters?



Practical Prompt 4-15-19

If you’re working on a scene where your character needs to get angry, pick an incident from your past where you were furious and spend fifteen minutes writing about it before you sit down to work on your novel. The exercise will help you put yourself in your character’s place.

Insomniacs Anonymous 4-8-19

Do you think a protagonist needs to have a moral failing at the beginning of a story in order to have a full character arc?



The Joys of an Unwritten Manuscript

Megan Norris Jones

After finishing a draft of my manuscript during Write By Midnight in February, I decided it was finally time to let the rest of the WriteOwls take a look at it. It’s a little nerve-wracking because I know it’s far from perfect, but I’ve been buried in this one for so long that I’ve lost all perspective. I need my writing friends to help me see both the merits and flaws more clearly before I push on with another draft.

But after having such a productive February with Write By Midnight, I couldn’t stop writing until they finished their critiques. So, I’ve spent March developing an outline for a new manuscript—and having a blast doing it!  Continue reading

Write By Midnight Pep Talk 3-29-19

Stacey Kite

I wanted to give everyone an update on my Write by Midnight experience since I was head down writing like a fiend at the end of February.

This year’s challenge was great for me! I met my goals. I wrote every day, honed my routine and came up with a way of using note cards to spot scenes that didn’t move the story forward—especially after plot tweaks. I wanted to share this  plotting/revising technique with you as our first post-WBM pep talk of the year. Continue reading