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Practical Prompt 4-4-18

In compelling drama, bad things happen to the characters; but ending scene after scene on a dark note can exhaust readers. Go back through your manuscript and make sure the negative doesn’t overshadow the positive. Strive for a healthy balanced mixture of both to keep your readers turning the pages.

Practical Prompt 3-28-18

Before you start writing your next scene, review what each character, not just the POV character,  was doing before that scene started. Even if you don’t write those details down, knowing where each character starts off will inform your writing.

Practical Prompt 3-21-18

Think about the last book you set down before you reached the end. Perhaps the faults that bother you the most are the ones that hit too close to home. With that in mind, revisit that book and see if you can find where you lost interest. Then compare it to your own manuscript to see if you are having similar issues.

Write by Midnight Boost 2-21-18

Pay attention to your environment when you’re writing and fill it with things that make you happy. If you like sunshine, write by a window or outside when the weather permits as long as the birds and squirrels don’t distract you too much.

Practical Prompt 11-8-17

You finally have a moment to write, but what to do with your limited time? Here’s a practical prompt to kickstart the story you’re working on right now. The clock is ticking, people. Start writing.

When only two people are involved in a conversation, dialogue tags usually aren’t necessary. With that in mind, go through your story and take out all the excess dialogue tags.