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Write by Midnight Boost 2-28-19

Today is the last day of the 2018 Write by Midnight challenge. How did you do? Share your successes and challenges with us, and let us know what worked and what didn’t.

It takes months to cement a new habit, so keep the momentum going in March. Look at your schedule for the upcoming month. Note any changes to your calendar and tweak your writing routine to accommodate them. Now is the time to establish your goals for the next month. Remember, challenging, but realistic goals work best in the long term.

We’ll resume our regular posts in March, but the last Friday of every month will be devoted to Write by Midnight pep talks to keep you motivated and on track with your writing throughout the year.

Write by Midnight Tip 2-21-18

As you develop your daily writing habit, focus on how triggers can help you become a more productive writer. Analyze your routine in the moments before you typically write. Look for repetitive or consistent things that can serve as a Pavlovian-like reminder that it’s time to work on your manuscript. For example, if you brew a cup of tea before you sit down to write, brewing tea becomes the action that signals your brain that it is time to write. Also, be aware of triggers that can distract you from your writing and take steps to silence those before you get to work.

Get Ready to Write

It’s not enough to commit to participating in February’s Write by Midnight challenge. Success is more likely if you have a system in place to hold yourself accountable. So spend today figuring out how you’ll do that. Post your Write by Midnight goals here or tweet them using #WriteByMidnight. Maybe try teaming up with a writing partner that you can check in with daily to report your progress. Or, tell someone you see every day about your goals and ask them to keep you honest throughout the month. Identify meaningful rewards for achieving your goals, as well as negative consequences for when you fall short. The key to establishing a habit is consistency, so make that your priority in February.