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Practical Prompt 4-5-17

WriteOwls logo 150 blackYou finally have a moment to write, but what to do with your limited time? Here’s a practical prompt to kickstart the story you’re working on right now. The clock is ticking, people. Start writing.

If you’re having trouble starting a scene, try writing it from the middle. If you’re struggling to figure out what constitutes “the middle,” pick up the scene mid-conflict. After you’ve written the bulk of the scene, you may realize a beginning wasn’t even needed. Or, you may find that the beginning will become apparent to you as you’re completing the exercise.


When Antagonists Aren’t Bad Guys

Laura Ayo

Laura Ayo

Last week, my writing group finally got to read and critique a scene in my work-in-progress that introduces the antagonist to the readers. I say “finally” because I’ve been struggling to write this scene for quite some time. No matter what approach I tried, I just couldn’t seem to pull it together. So, I made it my goal at the start of 2017 to figure out why this scene wasn’t working. Continue reading

Insomniacs Anonymous 11-11-16

WriteOwls logo 150 blackYou’re awake. Instead of writing the Great American Novel—or even a mediocre one—you’re reading our blog. Okay, then. We offer a topic; you respond. Let your fellow writers inspire you, and return to that manuscript refreshed.

Have you ever had writer’s block? How did you get through it?

Writing Your Way Through Self-Doubt

Naomi Hawkins-Rowe

Naomi Hawkins-Rowe

Ok! Raise your hand if you’ve never felt a moment of self-doubt while you were writing. It is just as I expected … all hands down. Well, except for maybe a smug few in the back, but just you wait; self-doubt will rear its head sometime down the line. And I say this because I’ve never meet a serious writer, published or not, who has not confessed to feeling unsure about what they are writing, whether they’ve chosen a sane path, or whether they have the talent, endurance, or courage  to finish the story they’ve started. Continue reading

Writing the Scene that Won’t Be Written

Megan Norris Jones

Megan Norris Jones

There’s a reason you can’t write that scene. You know, the one that keeps winking maliciously on a blank screen with its little cursor whenever you open your manuscript. The one that makes cleaning the house sound appealing. That one.

It might be laziness or a penchant for superfluous online research that gets in your way. It might be because your kid keeps interrupting or because you can’t force yourself out of bed early enough to write it before the rest of the day begins. These are the usual culprits. Look for them first. But the reason for your stalled-out scene might be something else, something totally unrelated to your everyday life and directly rooted in your writing. Continue reading