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Practical Prompt 10-8-18

If you’re struggling to keep your story on track during a first draft or a revision, take a moment to write down the one thing–the feel, or theme or idea–that most inspired you to write that particular story in the first place.  That’s the heart of your story. It’s the thing you most want people to carry away with them after they finish reading your story and the plumb line in every scene.  By putting it into words, you’ll have a clearer idea of what choices your characters will need to make and what actions they’ll need to take in each scene to remain true to the heart of your story.

Story is King (Even When There are Pictures)

Stacey Kite

Stacey Kite

Every time I attend an SCBWI conference, I learn things—about both writing and illustrating. And every once in a while, something surprising about myself. That’s what happened at the Midsouth SCBWI conference this past September when I took a picture book dummy intensive and got feedback on a dummy of mine titled Battling The Math Dragon.

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