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Practical Prompt 5-13-19

This week, choose a book that has a similar feel to the story you’re working on. Read a page or two before you start writing to set the tone for the session.

Write By Midnight Boost 2-22-19

As we head into the final stretch of Write by Midnight, don’t get frustrated if you’re struggling to get words on the page every day. Sharing your difficulties here and with other writers who have been there can help you gain insight into what might be holding you back. Let the WriteOwls community offer strategies to help you get back on track. Likewise, if you’ve been rocking Write By Midnight, now is the time to share the secrets to your success. Hearing about your accomplishments is always motivating.

Write By Midnight Tip 2-20-19

Today, get your head space in the right place to write.

Start by doing something physical to get your blood pumping and your creative juices flowing. Before you sit down to write, try taking a walk, dancing to your favorite song, stretching exercises or jumping jacks.

Then, clear the air – literally. Open a window, even if it’s just for a moment if it’s chilly outside. Light a candle, burn some incense or turn on an essential oil diffuser. Take in slow, deep breaths.

Finally, channel your inner muse. Close your eyes and think of the scene you plan to write. What mood do you want to convey? Try to get in the heads of your characters and envision what they would say and how they would act. Strive to reach a calm moment of clarity.

Once your head is in the right place, open your eyes and unleash your words onto the page.

Check back next Wednesday for another tip to help you stay the course during Write By Midnight.

Write By Midnight Boost 2-15-19

What was the highlight of your writing sessions for this week? Share your accomplishments with us.

Write By Midnight Tip 2-6-2019

Today, let music inspire you as you write.

  • Find a single song that matches the mood or tone of the scene you plan to write today. Then, set that song to play on a loop for the duration of your writing session.
  • Do lyrics distract you from finding your own words to put on the page? While you write, listen to instrumental pieces, a song in a language you don’t understand, sounds from nature, or simply white noise.
  • If you simply cannot write with music in the background, cue up a song that motivates you and listen to it before you sit down to write.

Check back next Wednesday for another tip to help you stay the course during Write By Midnight.