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Practical Prompt 9-13-17

Everyone has hopes and dreams when they are little. What were your characters’ biggest aspirations when they were younger?

Practical Prompt 9-6-17

It’s week five of character backstory. What is the worst thing each of your characters has ever done to someone else? Who was it? How long ago did it happen? Why did it happen? Do your characters regret it today, or would they do it all over again?

Practical Prompt 8-30-17

To continue our quest into our characters’ pasts, what are your characters’ fondest memories? Why do those moments stand out above all others?

Practical Prompt 8-23-17

Today we’ll continue looking into our characters’ pasts. Are your characters lying to themselves about something? If so, what are the lies? Are your characters afraid of other people learning about their pasts?

Practical Prompt 8-16-17

Last week you began a deep dive into your characters pasts, this week lets keep exploring. Ask yourself what was the most traumatic event that happened to your characters before the story began. How did they act at the time of the trauma? How long ago was the trauma? How does the event still affect them today?