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Practical Prompt 5-24-17

YWriteOwls logo 150 blackou finally have a moment to write, but what to do with your limited time? Here’s a practical prompt to kickstart the story you’re working on right now. The clock is ticking, people. Start writing.

A protagonist typically holds a set of values at the beginning of a novel that, by the end of the story, has changed in some way.  The change can be a subtle shift in world view or a more profound moral change. So analyze your story to make sure you’ve incorporated incremental changes throughout. Consider adding a few words of dialogue, inner thoughts, body language or other small actions to show your character’s evolution.


What Constitutes Character Change?

Stacey Kite

Every book on writing emphasizes that your characters, especially the protagonist, need to change over the course of the story. But change how? What constitutes character change?

In the past, that’s been a sticky one for me. Whether it was because writing books seemed to emphasize the importance of personality flaws that made characters annoying or immoral, or because I didn’t catch the subtleties, I interpreted the phrase character change to mean a change in the characters’ characters.

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