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Alicia Finney, Laura Ayo, Megan Norris Jones, Naomi Hawkins Rowe, and Stacey Kite

About Alicia:

Alicia Finney

Alicia Finney

  • I take Pride in my hometown, and I still salute Rocky Top and sway to The Waltz.
  • I was geek chic before the fad and will be long after. Age of the Geek, baby.
  • I’m miserable at sports, but I love martial arts, ultimate frisbee, and tickle wars with my preschooler.
  • I find balance in lakes and rivers, the winds before a storm, whispers in faith, and true love.
  • My heroes include Aslan, Samwise, Polgara, St. Patrick, Joan of Arc, and Daniel.
  • If I could visit anywhere, anytime, I would go to Patmos, circa 95 AD.
  • I am technologically troubled but glad to know that if Skynet rises, my husband is on my side.  He is a genius.
  • If I ever run out of things to do, I’ve given strong consideration to following in the footsteps of Mrs. Pollifax.
  • I believe in dreaming big, living on purpose, knowing who you were made to be, and avoiding boxes – coffins, cubicles, and especially those weird magic boxes that make people come apart and disappear. Creepy.
  • And finally, I write – a little urban fantasy, a lot of epic fantasy. Basically, anything the voice in my head tells me to write.

 . . . All the best, and here’s to keeping pens scratching and keyboards tapping.


About Laura:


Laura Ayo

Laura Ayo

  • Believes you can never ask too many questions.
  • Has two children who share this belief every day.
  • Can pronounce and spell Tchoupitoulas.
  • Loves purple and lives gold.
  • Makes new friends, but keeps the old.
  • Believes life is like the back of a cross-stitch piece.
  • Is fearless in the face of deadlines.
  • Couldn’t possibly pick just one favorite book.
  • Remembers the uncertainties and heartaches of growing up, but also the thrills and possibilities.
  • Lets those memories influence her writing in the hope that it will inspire today’s young readers.


About Megan:

Megan Norris Jones

Megan Norris Jones

  • I’m procrastinator, but a productive one. My house is never so clean as when I have a deadline.
  • I tend to break my bones in pairs: pelvis and elbow; kneecap and big toe. Writers note: It is easier to write a novel with a broken knee than with a broken elbow.Yes, I correct my toddler’s grammar. It’s a compulsion common among copy editors that has resulted in an exceptionally articulate child.
  • I am blessed to have a husband who answers truthfully when I walk into his workshop and ask, “How could I injure someone in a workshop so that he is temporarily unconscious and will require hospitalization, but only for one night?” It was for a plotline. Really.
  • I have wanted to bend the space/time continuum into a tesseract ever since reading A Wrinkle in Time when I was eleven years old. It hasn’t worked in real life, but I’m learning to play with the impossible in my own manuscripts. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had writing.

For a look at the kind of nonfiction work I do, you can check out my freelancing website:


About Naomi:

  • Naomi Hawkins Rowe

    Naomi Hawkins Rowe

    Naomi Hawkins-Rowe grew up frolicking in meadows, swimming in ponds and sunbathing on rocks in her native California.

  • Over the years, she has become a collector of books, records, passport stamps and scarves and would like to believe she’s a connoisseur of fine cheeses and jelly beans (though not together … obviously).
  • Her favorite way to spend a Friday evening is dinner infused with conversation, family and friends (with kids at the table, always!).
  • She once owned a publishing house with her childhood best friend. They only published one book, which they wrote out by hand and illustrated themselves. It was a laborious process and the publishing house closed a short time later. They were eleven.
  • When she is not writing for children or about art, you will most likely find her in a museum perusing, in the garden chasing gnomes, or in her kitchen experimenting.
  • Naomi currently lives, dreams and creates in a stone castle nestled near the Smoky Mountains with a resident artist and three adventurous gargoyles.


About Stacey:

Stacey Kite

Stacey Kite

  • I have been a red and white Eagle, a purple and gold Husky, and an orange and white Vol (which, for an embarrassingly long time, I thought was a small furry mammal).
  • I share space with one wonderful husband, two cats, and Kali—a black and white hound with an appetite for used paper products and plastic. Kali (a.k.a. Princess Prancing Wiggle Butt) will have no problem surviving the zombie apocalypse. The cats, however, will be in serious trouble.
  • I have been a clown (literally–you don’t want to know), a chemistry lab assistant and a Nuclear Power School Instructor in the U. S. Navy. I am also a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a professional artist, and a writer (presently amateur status, but striving for professional). Weird–but all true.
  • Despite my age (which we are not mentioning), I’m still a little kid inside, which may be why I love picture books and playing with paint. But there’s a big part of me that will always be fourteen, and that part loves YA!

To view my illustration portfolio, please go to