Get Ready to Write – It’s Write by Midnight!

It’s Feb. 1 and that can only mean one thing – Write by Midnight! Every year, we invite all of you to spend the month of February working on your individual writing goals with the common goal of writing every day – by midnight. We’ll be posting and tweeting daily content to keep you motivated.
This year, we’re adding an extra element to keep it interesting. Play along with Write by Midnight Bingo. Each day, we’ll prompt you with a writing challenge tied to a square on the Bingo card. Click here for more information about how to play.
Each of the WriteOwls will also be tweeting their goals and progress throughout the duration of the write-a-thon. Please comment here or tweet #WriteByMidnight2020 and tag us @WriteOwls to share your accomplishments, as well.
By the end of the month, we hope you’ll have established some good habits to fuel your writing well beyond Feb. 29. So get to it. Enjoy the creative process. We can’t wait to see what you have to share with the world when you’re done.



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