Write By Midnight Tip 2-6-2019

Today, let music inspire you as you write.

  • Find a single song that matches the mood or tone of the scene you plan to write today. Then, set that song to play on a loop for the duration of your writing session.
  • Do lyrics distract you from finding your own words to put on the page? While you write, listen to instrumental pieces, a song in a language you don’t understand, sounds from nature, or simply white noise.
  • If you simply cannot write with music in the background, cue up a song that motivates you and listen to it before you sit down to write.

Check back next Wednesday for another tip to help you stay the course during Write By Midnight.

One response to “Write By Midnight Tip 2-6-2019

  1. Naomi Hawkins-Rowe

    Generally I can’t listen to music while I am writing, especially if it has lyrics. I get to distracted. But this morning Zoe Keating is working some magic; the words are flowing.

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