And Then It Was Summer…

Naomi Hawkins-Rowe

Summer is a tricky season for maintaining habits. I’m not sure if it the warm weather or the incurable desire to head to the beach (even though it’s nowhere near where I currently live), but all I want to do is hunker down with the pile of books on my nightstand and read. Kevin Wilson’s a Perfect Little World is calling my name.

I must resist.

It is so easy to fall into vacation mode. And though I know that we all need down time, for me that is just the beginning of the end. For me, if I quit my disciplined routine it will be as painful as pulling teeth, like in the manner of using-whisky-because-we-haven’t-got-anesthesia sort of pain.

I know this because I already let my routine slide the past two weeks. And I’m having a rough time getting back into it.  I can even tell you how much I’ ve written: NOT A WHOLE LOT!

So beginning this week, I will aim to do the following:

I will get up at 5:30 to write.

I will wake up my Habitican (she’s be sleeping for WAY to long anyway).

I will write my daily writing goal on a post-it and adhere it to my computer so I will have a visual reminder.

I will not read or watch anything in the evening after my kids are snoring if I have not met my writing goal(s); except on Saturday. Saturday is still Hygge day at my house.

I’m writing this, so that you are my witness, so you can hold me accountable.

Since we are a community. Let’s share. How are you doing with your writing, and what tricks do you have to stay on task during the summer?

3 responses to “And Then It Was Summer…

  1. I’m impressed with the 5:30 am writing time. Tweet when you start writing so we’ll know you’re out there. Maybe I’ll join you–but definitely not before 6!

    • Naomi Hawkins-Rowe

      Truly it is the only part of the day I’m guaranteed uninterrupted writing time, and it is essential. Tweeting is a great idea. I’ll try to remember to do that while I foggily sip some coffee and try to remember the names of my characters. See you in the morning.

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