Practical Prompt 3-29-17

WriteOwls logo 150 blackYou finally have a moment to write, but what to do with your limited time? Here’s a practical prompt to kickstart the story you’re working on right now. The clock is ticking, people. Start writing.

Do you know what’s supposed to happen in the scene you’re working on, but just can’t seem to phrase it? Try writing a rough summary of the scene first—just a couple of paragraphs describing what happens in the scene. It’s okay to “tell” instead of “show” here. Then go back over that summary and flesh out the scene one part at a time. Start with one sentence you can visualize, rewriting it to include description, emotion or whatever else you feel it needs to make it more polished. Then repeat the process with another sentence. With each iteration, the scene will become more complex and shift from telling to showing.

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