Finishing Strong

Laura Ayo

Laura Ayo

Today is the last day of February and, as a result, also the last day of Write by Midnight. My schedule is full today – more so than usual. But in the 30 minutes I had between the time my children walked out the door for school and the time I had to leave to get to my first appointment, I wrote. It was hasty, raw and unedited words on a page, but I made writing a priority this morning. I wanted to finish strong.

No matter what you have going on today, find time to write. I did, and I’m confident the good mood it put me in will carry me throughout the rest of my chaotic day. Now it’s your turn to do the same.


One response to “Finishing Strong

  1. I wrote in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. And it took longer than usual, so I got to write more than I’d expected. Instead of being annoyed by the wait, I left feeling rather pleased.

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