Listen to the Story Inside You

Laura Ayo

Laura Ayo

Yesterday, I had the privilege of accompanying my daughter’s class to hear Eva Schloss, a Holocaust survivor and the step-sister of Anne Frank, speak. Mrs. Schloss’s story was heartbreaking, compelling and memorable. She said during the program that she didn’t share her story for a long time, but came to realize that it needed to be told. Her messages of hope and acceptance also, in my opinion, needed to be heard.

As writers, I think we all have a pressing need to share our stories, even if it takes us a lifetime to tell them. By writing about experiences, whether real or imagined, we evoke sympathy, empathy and countless other emotions that connect us to one another as a human race.

So keep that in mind today as you work on your manuscript. Dig deep. Listen to the story inside you that must be told and must be heard. I promise, someone is waiting to hear what you have to say in the way only you can say it.




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