Write by Midnight Challenge No. 4



This is the last week in January, and you only have seven days left to prepare for February’s Write by Midnight challenge. Over the last three weeks, you’ve set your goals and come up with a realistic writing schedule to help you meet them.

Now it’s time to share your goals. Telling someone else what you hope to achieve in February can give you an added sense of responsibility and help you rise to the challenge. Tell a friend or loved one about your goals. Post them here in the comments section. Tweet them using the hashtag #WriteByMidnight.

We also recommend writing down your goals and placing copies, along with your schedule, where you’ll see them every day. Put encouraging notes on your bathroom mirror, your computer, the refrigerator or your TV remote.

It might also help to tidy up your writing nook over the next week. For many, a clean work space is a motivating work space. And if it’s already tidy, you’ll have one less procrastination excuse when it’s time to get to work.

Finally, don’t forget your supplies. Sharpen pencils and stock up on pens and notebooks if you like to write by hand. Create a new folder in your computer files for the challenge. If you’re revising or hoping to make headway on a work-in-progress, gather together what you’ve already written so it’s available to you in one place when you need it. If you’re revisiting a shelved project, re-read your work so it’s fresh in your mind.

We’re in the final countdown, so let’s make the most of it.

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