Write by Midnight Challenge #2



Last week, in preparation for the upcoming Write by Midnight write-a-thon, you tracked how you spent your time each day. Hopefully, the time you invested in logging those minutes will pay off this week for the next challenge we now have for you.

First, analyze your findings. Did you discover that you spent more time than you thought on certain tasks? Did you gain some insight into how much – or little – time you’re working towards your writing goals? Are there ways you can steal a little extra writing time?

Next, define what you want to accomplish during Write by Midnight. Be specific about your writing goals. Do you hope to get in the habit of writing 500 words a day or writing for an hour each day? Do you want to complete a scene each day? Or, do you hope to have a first draft of your novel completed by the end of the month?

Once you have identified your writing goals, refer to your time log and figure out how you’ll use the time you have to meet those goals. Perhaps in logging your time, you discovered you have 50 minutes spread throughout your day that you’re not fully taking advantage of. Time yourself to see how many words you can cram into a minute. If your goal is to write 500 words a day, you can reach your goal in those 50 minutes by writing 10 words per minute. Even if you only have time to write for 10 minutes here and five minutes there, you’re likely to meet or surpass your goal once you figure out your game plan. So spend the upcoming week doing just that so you’ll be ready for success when Write by Midnight starts on Feb. 1.

3 responses to “Write by Midnight Challenge #2

  1. I’ve realized that I have an extremely unproductive stretch in the afternoon when my brain just shuts off. I’m going to try moving mindless but necessary activities to that time in order to free up a bit of time in the evenings when my mind is actually functioning.

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