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Write By Midnight Boost 2-15-19

What was the highlight of your writing sessions for this week? Share your accomplishments with us.

Write By Midnight Tip 2-13-19

You’re almost halfway through our Write By Midnight challenge, so now is a good time to evaluate your progress and adjust your goals for the rest of the month.

After that, try this tip to get more words on the page today.

Get a timer, set it for 15 or 30 minutes – take your pick – and write until time is up. Then, reset the timer for the same amount of time and walk away from your project. Spend that time doing anything other than writing. When time’s up, reset the timer for another 15 or 30 minutes and go back to writing. Repeat this process for as long as you can.

Check back next Wednesday for another tip to help you stay the course during Write By Midnight.

Write By Midnight Boost 2-8-19

What did you discover about yourself as a writer this week? Share your insights with us.

Write By Midnight Tip 2-6-2019

Today, let music inspire you as you write.

  • Find a single song that matches the mood or tone of the scene you plan to write today. Then, set that song to play on a loop for the duration of your writing session.
  • Do lyrics distract you from finding your own words to put on the page? While you write, listen to instrumental pieces, a song in a language you don’t understand, sounds from nature, or simply white noise.
  • If you simply cannot write with music in the background, cue up a song that motivates you and listen to it before you sit down to write.

Check back next Wednesday for another tip to help you stay the course during Write By Midnight.

Ready, Set, Write By Midnight!

If you’re dedicated to making writing your priority, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Today, the WriteOwls community embarks on its  third annual Write By Midnight journey. Here, you will find support, encouragement and tips from fellow writers who aspire to write every day and reach their writing goals. Continue reading