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Practical Prompt 9-2-21

It’s important that the different POV characters in your story all read as different people. To practice making your character’s distinct, take a sentence or paragraph from your story that describes one character’s action, paying careful attention to your word choice and sentence structure. Now, write another character performing the same action. How would this character do and think differently than the first character? Did you find yourself using different words to describe the action? Were your sentences shorter or longer for the second character? These small changes add up to create a unique voice.

Share Your Favorite Book and Promote Literacy

Commit to promoting literacy by donating a book to commemorate #InternationalLiteracyDay. Schools, public libraries, prisons, non-profits that resettle refuges or work with populations that do not speak English as a primary language which all run some form of literacy program. @worldliteracy is also a great resource. Sharing the books you love with others is a great way to promote literacy.

Get Your Library Card

Libraries are still a valuable resource in your community, even with the limitations imposed by Covid-19. Many libraries have updated their services with no-contact pickup and drop-off as well as expansion of audio and e-book catalogs and online data bases for research. If you don’t have your library card, now is the time to get one. If you do have one, encourage the other people in your life to get theirs and celebrate #LibraryCardSignUpMonth.

Insomniacs Anonymous 8-16-21

What’s the most satisfying ending to a story that you’ve ever read? Why did it resonate with you?

Insomniacs Anonymous 7-26-21

What’s the best opening line you’ve ever read? What made it memorable to you?