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Practical Prompt 10-19-20

Consider using imagery to convey the tone of a scene. It’s fine to select a universal image, such as fluffy white clouds or birds chirping to set a happy mood. But you can elevate the scene by picking an image that connects in a specific way to your story or reinforces one of your character’s traits. Then, examine how you can use that same image to depict a change in tone by the ending. For example, if that happy scene ends on a sad note, transform those fluffy white clouds into dark thunderclouds, or have those chirping birds fall silent. Using thoughtful imagery not only reinforces the emotional impact you want your story to have, but also broadens your reader’s experience of the world you’ve created.

Practical Prompt 6/8/16: Dialogue Part 3



For our May “Learn to Write by Reading” challenge, we invited you to examine books that had great dialogue. Now, apply what you learned to your own manuscript.

Dialogue isn’t just characters talking. The words should be interspersed with action, description, and character thoughts. Note how the author of the book you read for this month’s challenge used those elements to create tone, give information, and alter the story’s pace. Selecting a scene from your story, write three different versions: one with only dialogue, one with more action, description and character thoughts than dialogue, and one where the dialogue makes up roughly half the word count. Which one gives you the best tone and pacing for the scene?