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Share Your Favorite Book and Promote Literacy

Commit to promoting literacy by donating a book to commemorate #InternationalLiteracyDay. Schools, public libraries, prisons, non-profits that resettle refuges or work with populations that do not speak English as a primary language which all run some form of literacy program. @worldliteracy is also a great resource. Sharing the books you love with others is a great way to promote literacy.

Improve Literacy by Reading to Kids

One of the best ways to improve literacy is by reading to children. Today, celebrate International Read To Me Day by picking up a book and reading it aloud with a child. If you don’t have someone to read to, consider donating books to organizations that promote child literacy. What are some of your favorite stories to read aloud?

Lift Off to Literacy

Pledge to read an extra 60 seconds for 60 days to commemorate International Literacy Day today. By encouraging literacy, we’re growing readers (and maybe even an audience for the stories we’re writing).