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Insomniacs Anonymous 4-22-2021

Today, we celebrate Earth Day. What are your favorite children’s and teen books that have an environmental conservation theme?

Improve Literacy by Reading to Kids

One of the best ways to improve literacy is by reading to children. Today, celebrate International Read To Me Day by picking up a book and reading it aloud with a child. If you don’t have someone to read to, consider donating books to organizations that promote child literacy. What are some of your favorite stories to read aloud?

Unplug: Read a Book

To commemorate National Day of Unplugging, turn off your phones, disconnect from the Internet and read that book you’ve been meaning to start or finish. Let us know what you’re reading.

Love a Book, Give a Book

Happy International Book Giving Day! Today is a day to share everything you love about books with children who don’t have regular access to them. Consider donating new and used books to your local library, schools or nonprofits that work with children. There are also great organizations that focus on getting books into the hands of readers that you can support. One of our favorites is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, but there are others all around the globe. Which ones are your favorites? #BookGivingDay

Insomniacs Anonymous 1-27-2021

Happy Library Selfie Day! Today’s the day to show off the unique splendor of your bookshelves. Whether they’re arranged in the order you read the books, by spine color, by height or old-fashioned alphabetical, we want to see your favorite shelves, so share a selfie with us here.