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WBM Bingo 02-29-20

W-5: Get up 15 minutes early to write.

WBM Bingo 02-28-20

E-4: Write a conversation without dialogue tags.


WBM Bingo 02-27-20

T-4: Tweet today’s writing goal and your results.

WBM Bingo 02-26-20

T-5: Do a 30-minute writing sprint first thing in the morning.

A writing sprint is an exercise designed to loosen you up and get the words flowing. Set your timer for thirty minutes and write. Don’t stop to think or take your fingers off the keys until the timer dings.

WBM Bingo 02-25-20

R-4: Listen to a song that evokes the same mood as your scene’s.

Just as movies use soundtracks to establish the mood of a scene, you can develop the feeling of your scene by listening to music as you write. So if you’re writing an adventure or an action scene, try listening to an upbeat song with a strong tempo. If it’s a sad scene, pick a melancholy tune. If you can’t write while listening to music, listen to the song for a few minutes before you sit down to write.