The WriteOwls Story

If you’re reading this after you’ve read that last bedtime story to your kids, or when the clock shows the letters “a.m.,” then you have something in common with us. We’re all writers who squeeze in time to write at questionable hours. Some of us do it out of necessity: we have day jobs, families and other responsibilities that often take precedence over our creative writing endeavors. Some of us do it because we’re night owls whose muses prefer moonlight over sunlight.

Because we share a love of writing for children and young adults, the image of an owl—also a creature of the night—resonated with us. Respected authors who have come before us, like A.A. Milne, J.K. Rowling, Arnold Lobel and countless others, have created memorable owl characters (and other unfeathered ones) that are loyal, conflicted, clever, funny and flawed – all qualities we admire in children’s literature characters and strive to develop in our own fiction.

Hence, WriteOwls emerged as the name of our blog. We invite you to share in our journey, wherever you are, for however long you have to spare, and at whatever time of day or night you have to join us.