Ew, Argh, Eek!

Stacey Kite

Stacey Kite

Looking up the spelling for interjections and exclamations, those sounds people make that aren’t really words, takes me far more time than it should. It’s strange that, though I recognize expressions like ew, pee-ew and pfffffffffft in stories and cartoons and know what they mean, I have a horrible time remembering how to spell them. Since my spell-checker usually doesn’t know, either, I wind up wasting precious time looking up the spelling on the net. Or worst case, have to spend time fixing a drawing or painting where I misspelled some hand lettered sound-effect.

To stave off some of those boo-boos and to inch up my efficiency (because every little bit helps), I’ve started a list of interjections that I can add to my spell-checker’s dictionary. Here’s my list so far.

  • Ahem
  • Argh (or aargh)
  • Aww (or aw)
  • Blech
  • Eek (or eeeek)
  • Ew (or eeeew)
  • Gah
  • Grrrr
  • Hmph (or humph)
  • Mwahaha
  • Nuh-uh
  • Oof (or oomph)
  • Ow (or oww)
  • Pee-yew
  • Pfft (or pfffffffffft if it’s an emphatic raspberry)
  • Phew
  • Psst (psssssst)
  • Ugh (or uggh)
  • Uh-uh (or unh-unh)
  • Um
  • Waah (or waaaaaah)
  • Whee
  • Whew
  • Whoa
  • Wow
  • Yuh-hu

Er, erm and ner ner ner are some other interjections that I see in novels by British authors. Those spellings used to really confuse me, but by listening to the audio version of many Terry Pratchett books (Yay, disc-world!), I finally realized that the British er is pronounced uh, erm equals um, and ner ner ner translates to na na na (as in “I can’t remember the lyrics, but the song goes, ‘na na na’.”

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