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Practical Prompt 4-10-21

Today, for National Sibling Day, take some time to consider how your protagonist’s sibling relationships have shaped their character. Siblings can be allies or enemies and sometimes both, and their presence or absence is guaranteed to influence your protagonist in profound ways. As a starting point, consider your own sibling dynamics as well as birth order, gender, ages and age gaps. Twelve and fourteen year old sisters will have a very different relationship then a twelve and eighteen year old brother and sister. If your protagonist doesn’t feel fully authentic, try altering the family dynamic. Change the age of a sibling or their gender, or even change a friend into a sibling and see how that altered relationship effects your protagonist.

consider how sibling dynamics have shaped your characters.

Don’t Lose Your Words

There’s nothing worse than spending precious time writing the perfect scene only to lose it to a technical malfunction. Don’t lose your hard work! In honor of World Backup Day, take time to save and back up your current projects so you won’t fall victim to a power surge, computer crash or coffee spilled across the keyboard.

Improve Literacy by Reading to Kids

One of the best ways to improve literacy is by reading to children. Today, celebrate International Read To Me Day by picking up a book and reading it aloud with a child. If you don’t have someone to read to, consider donating books to organizations that promote child literacy. What are some of your favorite stories to read aloud?

Practical Prompt 3-8-2021

As writers, we’re well versed at reading and re-reading our words before we ever let anyone else see them. But proofreading our work is a vital step in the writing process, especially if you’re submitting your manuscript. Today, for National Proofreading Day, we offer these tips to make the proofreading process more effective. Printing your pages in a different font or format is one visual way to spot mistakes you may have missed while drafting. Reading your work aloud also provides a quick way to hear an error you may have previously overlooked. This technique is especially helpful for spotting repetitive wording. Finally, keep track of errors you commonly make. Knowing your bad habits gives you a starting point for fixing misspelled words, incorrect contractions, grammar errors and whatever else you know you consistently do wrong.

Unplug: Read a Book

To commemorate National Day of Unplugging, turn off your phones, disconnect from the Internet and read that book you’ve been meaning to start or finish. Let us know what you’re reading.